UHY Resource Solutions Group

Partner with us as part of UHY’s Project Consulting team or for Direct Hire placement with our clients. Join Our Network today for information on current and future opportunities.

Project Consulting

Resource Solutions’ project consultants enjoy having flexibility and control of their careers that traditional employment doesn’t provide. Our unique variable employment model offers the professional freedom you seek. Unlike traditional employment where professionals are exempt from earning overtime pay, Resource Solutions’ consultants are paid for every hour worked, including overtime. Employment Benefits include group medical, dental and vision insurance; paid time off and paid holidays; 401k, life insurance; and long-term care insurance.

Direct Hire Search

UHY’s client network is broad and deep throughout the country, and our clients contact us exclusively without ever publishing their critical job on the open market. Our recruiters understand the importance of your job search and are committed to understanding your motivations, strengths and preferences. Armed with this knowledge, our recruiters will be able to present you with ideal opportunities.

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Note to Job Seekers

Please beware of potential scams
  • UHY LLP does not conduct online interviews using Google Hangouts.
  • UHY LLP will not conduct interviews via text message or other text based services.
  • While we will sometimes conduct video interviews via skype, we will not hire someone without at least one in-person interview in one of our offices.
  • UHY LLP does not request reimbursable funds from applicants to be used for the purchase of job related equipment, etc and does not issue checks to applicants
  • Do not give out your personal information (social security numbers, bank routing numbers, etc.) to un-verified sources. Protect your personal information
  • For further information - Learn how to avoid these scams.